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GR professionals

Government relations teams often have varying degrees of experience and with our tools you can help educate, improve effectiveness, and reduce workloads.

Non-profit leaders

Hiring a lobbyist may not always be in the budget but that doesn't have to stop you from achieving your policy goals and objectives; we offer a cost-effective solution to help bridge the gap and achieve results.

 Business owners

Political risk is a concern for small and large businesses alike; you might not need to lobby on anything specific, but understanding what's happening in politics and why it matters is essential to making informed decisions.

C-suite executives

While you might stay informed by reading the news and following politics, a deeper understanding of the nuances in political decision-making is crucial for effectively mitigating political risk and safeguarding your business interests.

Pocket Lobbyist member benefits

1. Briefing notes, templates and trackers.

Downloadable resources include a wide range of valuable materials, such as briefing notes, templates, trackers, and essential key contacts in Alberta.

2. Political insights and intelligence

Expert insights and intelligence based on our understanding of the political ecosystem.

3. Member-only newsletter

We compose a weekly member newsletter with summaries of what happened and why it matters regarding important political updates and current events in Alberta with linked platform resources.  

4. Trackers 

The portal section features abundant resources on specific political junctures, including Alberta's 31st Legislature, information about the Premier and Cabinet, insights into the Alberta Election 2023, and materials related to Alberta Budget 2023 and Federal Budget 2023.


5. The ultimate political calendar

Our political calendar has all of the important legislative, political, community, and government events, making it an indispensable tool for professionals engaged in government relations and public policy work.

6. NEW - Pocket Lobbyist chatbot 

If the amount of resources and content in your membership area ever gets overwhelming or you just need a quick answer to something... the Pocket Lobbyist chatbot has you covered. Get immediate answers with links to the source document 24/7. 


Our Offerings

$149/m + GST


  • Comprehensive platform with hundreds of government relations and public policy tools and resources

  • New expert analysis and insights uploaded weekly

  • 24/7 unlimited access from anywhere

  • Suitable for all levels of experience

  • Early access and discounts for new resources and offerings


$2,500 + GST


  • Innovative professional development experience designed to teach the skills to anticipate, interpret, and mitigate political risk
  • Collaborative learning with like-minded individuals
  • Minimal time commitment and continuous access to the latest information

  • Real-time guidance and support from instructors on cohort content 

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